Ag Workshop and machine shed with offices

A Multi-purpose Ag Building

Family Farming Business

This Family Farm building was created to house a workshop, storage and an office to handle all the business. This project included an 8’ wide wrap around porch; 2 – 4x4 cupolas on shop; 1 – 2x2 cupola on office; interior endwall to separate cold storage from heated shop area; fully lined/insulated & finished office & heated shop area; parts room,

  • 81x160x20 shop & storage w/81x40 cold storage
  • 81x120 heated Workshop area
  • 32x32x10 office

Building & Construction Financing Available

Get affordable payment options from multiple lenders

Get affordable payment options from multiple lenders

Building Project Image Gallery

Ag Building with office space

Machine shed and workshop

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Wick uses only machine graded or machine evaluated lumber for all structural components such as truss members, columns, girts and purlins.

In addition to the visual benefits of cleaner lumber with less bark and knots, it's at least 15% stronger than regular lumber so you'll see less maintenance down the road.

High Quality Lumber